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What is On-Demand IT Support?

On-demand IT management solutions deliver expert help whenever you need it. Our team of dedicated experts is available 24/7 to handle any problem you might have. From network support and troubleshooting issues with your server or workstations, to backup and disaster recovery—there’s not much we can’t handle.

We manage your IT so you can focus on growing your business.

Exceptional Support

We’ll dispatch experienced IT support technicians to resolve any issues without causing disruptions to get you back up and running—fast.

Responsive Help Desk

Our help desk responds quickly to all IT support issues, including network support, server management, disaster and hard drive recovery, virus removal and more

We’re Always Available

Call us anytime—day or night. Your business demands your undivided attention, and our IT support team is always available to resolve even the smallest of problems. Stop dealing with IT problems and get back to growth and innovation.

Predictable Costs

Simply request service from our team and we’ll perform the requested support and send you the bill once we’ve completed the job. Or you can prepay for a block of hours and use them as needed.

What Is The On-Boarding Process?

Free IT Assessment

You’ll meet with one of our IT consultants, and an engineer will perform a detailed review of your network.

Proposal Meeting

We’ll present the results of our IT Assessment, along with options on how we can support your business.

Kick-off Meeting

We’ll set the initial expectations and make a plan to seamlessly transition IT support to us.


Our team will visit your office location(s), document the environment, and deploy our management tools.

Quarterly Review

We’ll commence supporting your business and we’ll arrange regular meetings to proactively make IT decisions.

What IT Services Can Be Provided On-Demand?

On-Demand Help Desk Support, When You Need It.

Our team is available to respond to support requests 24/7/365, with an average response time of less than a half hour. Whatever your issue is, we understand that you need quick, focused resolution to keep your business running smoothly and safely. Secure a block of on-demand IT support hours from us and we’ll be ready to handle whatever situation arises, and get you back on track.

Prompt response, rapid resolution, professional experience.

Your Computers: Protected, Updated, Supported.

You and your team rely on your workstations for too many tasks to mention, so it goes without saying that they need to be secure and efficient at all times. Whether it’s a desktop, a laptop, a single terminal or an entire block of them, our on demand IT business support team will be ready to diagnose any situation that arises, or take proactive steps to keep your machines secure.

A secure and updated workstations ensure productivity and efficiency.

Server Management, Support, & Protection.

Your server infrastructure is a complex and mission-critical system. Our team is capable of handling any type of environment, and certified by Microsoft, VMware, Dell, EMC, HP, IBM Lenovo, Citrix, Cisco, and several others. We’ll ensure your data is protected, your uptime is consistent, and your server environment is regularly monitored and updated.

Secure & Protected Infrastructure Ensure Consistent Health and Uptime.

A Secure & Redundant Network Is Essential.

The network is the backbone of your IT environment, and its stablity and security ensure reliable uptime, and immediate access for the users. From your firewall, switches, wireless access, and all your data cabling – our team is a turnkey solution. We have experience is all the leading industry technologies, including Cisco, Meraki, Ubiquiti, HP, Netgear, and several others.

Allow us to untangle your network mess, and make it a useful asset.

We’ll Support Your Phones & Mobile Devices.

Are you tired of dropped calls, unclear signal, or dealing with your phone vendor? We’ve got you covered. Whether you have 1 or 1000 phones, our team can help you manage and recommend the best solutions.

How about mobile devices? Our centralized, mobile device management (MDM) platform will ensure you know exactly where all your computer-issue cell phones and tablets are, how they’re being used, and ensuring they’re safe and secure.

Phones & Mobile Devices are part of the deal – we’ll take care of them for you.

Proactive Monitoring & Maintenance.

Here’s our secret: we’d rather maintain your environment, rather than fight fires when something breaks. So we install management software to alert us when something might be wrong, and fix it before it breaks. We’ll apply critical security patches and updates weekly, and you’ll never have to worry about software not being up to date.

Prompt response, rapid resolution, professional experience.

How Are You Protecting Your Data?

Cybersecurity is a hot topic, but how are you ensuring your information is secure and impervious to harm? Our clients know they have a team of IT security professionals guarding their infrastructure with state-of-the-art software and industry-leading operating procedures. From basic anti-virus and anti-malware, ransomware protection, network-level filtering, encryption, two-factor authentication, and many more; we employ an arsenal of tactics to protect your information.

Don’t ignore proper network security – it’s essential to your success.

Business Continuity (Backup) Done Right.

When all else fails, you have to rely on a proper business continuity solution, also know as your BDR Device (Backup & Disaster Recovery). The ability to recover data that has been compromised, lost, or corrupted can determine the whether or not your business can continue operating. We protect your data with infrastructure that allows you to restore files, server, or entire environments in minutes. We’re also prepared for hurricanes and other nature disasters, to ensure your business keeps working, despite mother nature’s plans.

Your backup is your lifeline – ensure you have a business continuity plan.

What Can You Expect From On-Demand IT Support?

  • Maximum Availability – 24x7x365 IT Support Help Desk ready to provide support.
  • Fewer Disruptions – Our team of certified, professional engineers is at your service.
  • Pay-as-you-go Pricing – Remote support, preventative maintenance and after-hours work so you can focus on your business.
  • Innovative Technology – We’ll provide insight as to how to improve your systems so your business is always on top.
  • Outstanding Support – We’ll dispatch an experienced IT Support technician to your business who can resolve and tech-related problems.
Discover the difference a true IT partnership can make.

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